«Here in Tuscany, Luigia works for an organic and eco-sustainable agricultural supply chain, cultivating the land according to the rhythms of nature. For me it is an extraordinary experience that I could not have even imagined: that's Luigia! "

Giuseppe Magnoli, former Partner di Luigia Rive Droite Geneva, from two years retired became the project custodian.

The new agricultural experience of Col di Lupo Poggio alle Streghe

Take 60 hectares of good Tuscan land, in the province of Grosseto, where the hills of Magliano draw geometries of intact, natural beauty.
In this welcoming and fruitful land we have sown the vision of Luigia, like a small plant that takes deep roots and grows strong towards the sky.

This is how our organic and sustainable agriculture project took off.

Inside the territory, inside the supply chain

We believe in the excellence of the raw material and we search for it, constantly and without compromise. That's why, in addition to the circular economy project curated by Luigia Academy in Geneva, we acquired the arable land of Col di Lupo and the farmhouse of Poggio alle Streghe.

Not a return to the past but a shot towards the future. Because with grace and awareness we want to become farmers ourselves and do "fair" agriculture for the environment and for those who work there.

A strong bond with the land and the producers

After an initial period of testing to verify the potential of our Tuscan lands and the creation of a working group, we will select the most interesting crops for the menu Luigia and more suitable for enhancing the entire project, recovering, if possible, those of tradition.

We will also open up to collaborations with local producers and processors to enhance the typical Italian products that we will use as excellent raw materials in our restaurants. And, to begin with, we have already planted 3000 olive trees which will give us an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Obviously transforming everything into Bio.

A respectful and inspired place

Our farm will be open to experimentation and training of our collaborators. But also to customers who want to know the food chain, touch the application of the principles of organic farming and sustainability.

Here in Tuscany we will build little, and that little will favor construction techniques and materials with low environmental impact. Where will we get the energy to accomplish all of this? Of course… only from renewable sources! Because for us of Luigia the catering of the future begins with respect for the land that hosts us.

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