A laboratory for the circular economy

Placing quality at the heart of its concept, LUIGIA has always wanted, over the years, to refine the principles of sustainability, sometimes positioning itself as a pioneer.

Luigia Academy surrounds itself with the best specialists in the field of circular economy. A major asset for studying, testing and implementing solutions to reduce the environmental impact on our restaurant business, both in terms of energy, logistics and waste management.

Mr. Peter Gallinelli, searcher and teachet at HEPIA, has been appointed Scientific Manager to evaluate solutions and oversee their applications in Luigia Academy. Contacts with innovators in this field are underway to understand how useful our contribution will be within the community.

We thought of Luigia Academy as a real laboratory of ideas, a showroom open to the community, where we can see, appreciate and become aware of the upcoming developments in the field of the circular economy.

economie circulaire Luigia

Some solutions will be directly applied in the establishment as soon as it opens, others, still in the study and development stage, will need to be finalized and tested before their implementation. We are going to put all our energy into them so that in the future they can inspire other companies.

In addition to these technical solutions, LUIGIA will continue to develop close relationships with suppliers committed to a natural, responsible and environmentally friendly approach. So LUIGIA will continue to bring the best of Italy while helping to protect our planet.