A professional training center

Since the opening of our first restaurant, we have always positioned internal training at the heart of our development. For all the professions present in our establishments, whether it is the diver, the cook, the pizzaiolo or the reception and service staff, we are convinced that training is the way to develop and evolve organic way.

The idea is to create a fast and efficient school of trades, allowing young people, but also the not so young, to start an activity within LUIGIA which could become for the most ambitious, a real economic success and a social promotion.
In the LUIGIA model, each of our employees can become a partner of one of the future restaurants or participate in international projects.

The creation of a continuing training area will allow our employees to be updated and thus easily adapt to the technological and organizational changes implemented in our group.

Luigia Academy also wishes to extend its network with external competence centers. In particular with hotel schools and poles of excellence in Italy, which will combine these two magnificent worlds of Swiss organization and Italian creativity.

Ugo Alciati Chef Luigia Academy

To do so, we commissioned Ugo Alciati, icon of Italian cuisine and originally from the Langhe in Piedmont, a region particularly anchored in the hearts of the Swiss. This renowned Chef is at the origin of many innovative projects linked to the world of Slow Food and Universities of Taste. He will support the project, and will be a real link between Italian excellences and the Swiss organization of the Luigia Academy and its network.