More than a restaurant

Luigia is first and foremost, a tribute to life and the family traditions. Our society is anchored by lasting values and it is essential for us humans to reconnect with the values inspired by our grandmothers. To enjoy the moment with a good meal is thus the whole philosophy of Luigia! A simple and authentic cuisine, this is all that one needs to get pleasant feelings!

Pizza bordo alto svizzera luigia

Pizza, our calling card

It is also the creation of outstanding pizzas, which makes the reputation of Luigia. The particularly smooth and light dough is the result of an in-depth study. It rests for 72 hours before being baked and only the freshest products are added to create unique Pizza compositions that cannot be found anywhere else and therefore Luigia has positioned itself as a point of reference in Switzerland.
Luigia goes beyond the borders today so that Italy is put in the spotlight through its gastronomy, as well as its “savoir-vivre”.

Italian atmosphere

A contemporary décor is combined with a typically Italian atmosphere where life is enjoyable, Luigia is the ideal place to share timeless moments.


Fresh products, high quality through an Italian-style know-how, a faithful and friendly team, give this unique place all the credibility for its success. It is three times a week that our Italian producers travel from far to deliver their products directly to our restaurants, so that our Chefs can immediately create fresh and authentic dishes for you.


To perpetuate a passion is an art of its own kind. A team of enthusiastic people makes our restaurants. In return, we want to inspire the young to collaborate with us. To work at Luigia also means envisaging a bright future! We own our success to the relentless work of our managers, who have become shareholders within our “family company” Luigia.

Our employees have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. To share the success with others means giving a chance to the young, to realize their dreams.