Una Story di flavors selected with care

Know the history of the products. Those who cultivate them, grow them, transform them; with what gestures of care and respect. And then, knowing how to choose only quality raw materials. To offer those authentic, typical flavors that delight the palate and are pleasantly fixed in the memory of our guests.

Because in the dishes of Luigia the difference is felt, already at the first taste.

An inspiration that comes from the heart

"Luigia it is a tribute to family life and tradition. In this globalised, very fast and hyper-connected world we want to recover the values ​​that are inspired by the "life of our Grandmothers". Stop. Share. Tell. Enjoy the moment at the table, with a meal prepared with great care. With that love that our caring grandmothers had for their grandchildren, for which they lived.

A simple and genuine cuisine like their embrace.”

Luigi Guarnaccia
Enrico Coppola

Passionate owners of Luigia and… grandchildren of Luigia

Pizza, our first love

What did you expect? We are Italian… and the art of pizza is in our DNA! Since the first restaurant Luigia (founded in Geneva in 2010), our pizza has brought us luck and success. Because we love it and we make it differently from all other pizzerias.

The result of a long study, we prepare it with a soft and light dough that rests and rises for 72 hours. We then choose the freshest, quality ingredients, and offer it in more than 60 variations, masterfully created by our Master Pizzaioli. Thanks to pizza, restaurants Luigia they have become a point of reference in Switzerland, and Gambero Rosso has already noticed this for some time, which also in 2023 rewards us with "Tre Spicchi" in the world ranking "Top Italian Restaurants".

And soon, we will cross new borders to bring the value of good food to the world, as always "The best of Italy".

That liveliness of a "country" restaurant

The atmosphere in our restaurants is inspired by the great restaurants found in every Italian region, meeting places and distillates of local excellence

Places of popular tradition where you can enjoy a good meal, sip the "house wine" and tell each other the news of the town.

A spirit of welcome and hospitality that we wanted to maintain and update at the same time.

Environments with a contemporary style, lively for to and comfortable for everyone: families, children, couples and groups of friends. For a break that is always relaxed and positive.

Maybe that's why Luigia represents the meeting place of the Italians expat. Because we open clubs abroad and become the expression of local Italians and the inhabitants of the city themselves: everyone meets at Luigia.

Know how, always better

Fresh products (delivered directly from Italy 3 times a week), professional and friendly staff, dynamic organization and digitization: for us, knowing how to do is knowing how to evolve to constantly improve the quality of the cuisine, the efficiency of the service and the experience for the host.

When you come to our restaurants for lunch or dinner, everything is aimed at making you feel good, enjoying a moment of pleasure. Every day we are committed to raising our standards, thanks also to your comments and evaluations.

Col di Lupo

Faithful to the principles of the circular economy and our sustainable vision, we have rolled up our sleeves and launched an agriculture project that respects the Earth, the environment and those who work there. What is it about? In Tuscany, in the hills of Magliano in the province of Grosseto, we have acquired 60 hectares in the Col di Lupo area and the Poggio alle Streghe cottage.

There we are reconverting towards organic farming to cultivate high quality raw materials, collaborating with local producers and processors to create a super-controlled supply chain capable of guaranteeing 100% Italian typical products.

A place of experimentation in the field, it will increase our knowledge and lead us to new solutions for all restaurants Luigia.

To begin with, we have planted 3000 olive trees which will allow us to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, which will soon be certified "organic".

We have also planted artichokes, wheat, cereals, vegetables and everything we hope will become excellent raw material for our kitchens or to supply our supply chain.

Finally, we want to make a model “farm to fork”, teaming up with excellent suppliers for the transformation of products destined for our restaurants, offering you the best at the table.

At Col di Lupo we will respect the rhythms of nature and exploit renewable energy sources, always seeking the right balance between our needs and the environmental ones.

An important first step to enhance the territory and give substance to our vision of the future.

Social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) is a foundational part of our culture. Drive decisions and investments to ensure our long-term operating capability in harmony with the environment we depend on and interact with.

Our sustainable development policy is strongly inspired by the concept of Blue Economy theorized by Gunter Pauli.

"The Blue Economy does not recycle, it regenerates! It is an economic model that produces neither emissions nor waste but which allows the creation of jobs, social cohesion and does not cost more. If nothing changes, we'll need another Earth. And the first step will be to find ways to convert waste into raw material for other uses and to look for what is easily and abundantly available, at a lower cost because it has not been valued so far. This is how nature works. "

(From: Theblueeconomy.org)

We believe it is possible to conduct our business by sharing benefits fairly. We work hard every day to ensure that our children continue to enjoy the resources available today, avoiding as much as possible making the wrong choices in our management.

Our business strategy is based on the balance and interaction of our organization with customers, the community, employees, shareholders and the ecosystem.

Our path is the beginning of a long history. We want to demonstrate to ourselves that it is possible to make quality catering by pursuing practices that are increasingly compatible and respectful of natural resources, with the ambition of becoming a model for other operators in the sector and for future generations as well.

We have already taken many actions and are continuously working to improve ourselves based on six pillars:

Let's look ahead: people, quality, environment

Far from the idea of ​​being and becoming a "chain" of restaurants, Luigia proposes an alternative vision: an original model of "family", with people at the centre, the real capital and engine of development.

People who share the same values, love Italy and its inexhaustible gastronomic wealth. Passionate people who work together to go further and further. 

Our model promotes and rewards merit, commitment and ambition, allowing anyone to become a partner of their restaurant. Why every new restaurant Luigia it only arises when we have found the right person, and this, we assure you, does not happen often.

But our vision also takes shape in the research and selection of raw materials and supply chains that guarantee us the best quality, authenticity and freshness. Our standards are so strict that we decided to try producing ourselves and we became farmers, buying and cultivating 60 hectares of Maremma land. An adventure that is already bearing excellent results and which will soon be joined by other activities related to sustainability and innovation. Where will all this take us? Now we can't even imagine it, but you will be among the first to discover it in our restaurants!

Luigia: a job full of opportunities

We are not the usual restaurant… you will have understood that. And you will also have understood that our restaurants are made up of teams of passionate people. work at Luigia it means thinking big about the future. Our success is the result of the continuous work of our young people who have become partners in the family business.

We consider the diversity of our collaborators as an asset and we apply zero tolerance against any type of discrimination related to religious, sexual or political orientations. We protect their personality in all its aspects: physical and mental health, moral integrity and privacy. We believe in the Swiss model of social partnership to help companies and workers grow together.

Furthermore, we give our collaborators the opportunity to integrate more easily in the countries where we operate, with almost personalized assistance. We want them to grow through internal training and one day, who knows, make them entrepreneurs themselves. Sharing success with others means giving those who commit and deserve it the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

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