Are you in the center and want to eat Italian? Welcome! You can reach us on foot or by car, and park at des Alpes near the restaurant. We will give you an authentic experience to the Luigia: open kitchen, lively atmosphere... it will be a bit like returning to the "Belpaese". Do you prefer to eat on the terrace? We have that too! We will also take care of your children, in a space dedicated to them. We are waiting for you!

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business hours

Mon - Thu 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Fri 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Sat 12:00 - 22:30
Home 12: 00 - 22.00
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Martin Bedat partner of Luigia Freiburg

Martin Bédat

First assignment in Luigia
Room manager Luigia Freiburg
Luigia in 3 words

Family, generosity and Italian know-how

Your footprint on the premises

Graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, I was born in Geneva to a Swiss father and an Italian mother, my background is more atypical than the other members. I started by working for the Capomondo group and then thinking about it I said to myself... I would like to be in the field, have this contact with customers and have responsibilities. I want to offer a unique and personalized experience from the moment you arrive, for every customer who crosses the threshold of our famous illuminated sign.

Your path to Luigia

From the moment I started in the Capomondo group, I knew deep inside me that I wanted to become the manager of one of the restaurants Luigia and that this work was done for me. So I worked very hard, I had to learn fast and in a short time. I also had the courage to propose my candidacy and my vision to the founders. Things accelerated very quickly for me as they offered me the job I dreamed of, trusting me and focusing on me.
Today I have the feeling of being part of a big united family and of being where I should have been from the beginning.

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