In the historic center, the old Atlantic cinema has passed the baton to Luigia in 2016, for a careful, complete renovation. A project that is the result of a long process of aesthetic and design research... the result? A restaurant that nourishes the body but also the spirit. Ideal for everyone: for those who want to sip a cocktail on the terrace and for families... children will have fun in the cinema room, playing video games and table football. We are waiting for you!

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business hours

Mon - Thu 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Fri 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Sat 12:00 - 23:30
Home 12:00 - 22:30
0 Mq
Led bulbs
Michael Mancini

Michele Mancino

First assignment in Luigia
Pizza chef
Luigia in 3 words

Happiness, Motivation, Home

Your footprint on the premises

«My passion, that for this job, the attention to quality, to relationships with colleagues, collaborators and customers. They are like a second family to me."

Your path to Luigia

«Every day is a day in itself, but the enthusiasm after ten years is the same as the first day: when I was a pizza maker at the "Quirinale", when they then made me discover the project Luigia which I immediately fell in love with. I liked the people and I liked the attention to the quality of the raw materials that I knew would be the leitmotif of the project. And I knew it would be a hit. When I started I just had a lot of desire to do, but I didn't own anything. I have met extraordinary people who have trusted me, who have made me promises which they have kept. I was lucky, but I put all of myself into this adventure and I do it every day, with enthusiasm.»

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