It was 2010 when we opened the first restaurant Luigia, downtown. Regenerated from an old garage of which it has maintained the minimal and industrial style, Luigia Rive Gauche it has long become an icon of Italian cuisine in Geneva. Haven't been there yet? We'll tell you just 5 things: open pizzeria, friendly atmosphere, Italian staff, dedication to quality, raw materials from typical territories. Come and discover the others in person... we are waiting for you!

A location so particular that it deserves a virtual tour.

business hours

Mon - Thu 12pm - 00pm, 14pm - 30pm
Fri 12pm - 00pm, 14pm - 30pm
Sat 12:00 - 23:30
Home 12:00 - 22:30
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Salvatore Ronzullo

Salvatore Ronzullo

First assignment in Luigia
Waiter assistant
Luigia in 3 words

Quality, Passion, Details

Your footprint on the premises

I would say experience. Unlike other colleagues who grew up exclusively within Luigia, I come from a different path.
I was already in charge of a club in St. Tropez. I chose to start from scratch at the school of Luigia and what I am today is the sum of everything I've ever done.

Your path to Luigia

I've always had the feeling that all of my partners had a lot more clarity about my future than I did. Thanks to them I grew professionally building a beautiful relationship of collaboration and friendship. When in January 2019 they entrusted me with Rive Gauche, the place where the group was born Luigiait seemed like a dream. It was a great gesture of trust that made me feel part of something, of a family; a family that never gives up and puts its heart and soul, day and night, into always improving.
Would I make this choice again? Everyday.

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