Dine while admiring the sunset over the Jura. Having lunch with the children having fun at the table football. Sip a drink in the open air, on the terrace overlooking the organic vegetable garden. Everything, without worrying about parking… from Luigia Academy yes you can! Not far from the centre, on The Hive campus, a stone's throw from CERN, an experience awaits you that goes beyond a simple restaurant... come and experience it.

Welcome! We open the doors of our restaurant to you.

business hours

Mon - Thu 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 30pm
Fri 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 30pm
Sat 12:00 - 23:00
Home 12:00 - 22:30
0 Mq
Led bulbs
Emmanuel Fenu

Emanuele Fenu

First assignment in Luigia
Assistant bartender
Luigia in 3 words

Quality, Passion, Home

Your footprint on the premises

«I carry out my work with passion: my enthusiasm and my empathy make me a cheerful and positive person. The commitment I put into everything I do has helped me grow quickly Luigia. The work environment is stimulating and varied and it is easier to face daily challenges if you do it with a smile. Every day I try to convey this value and this energy to my team, in order to better face the working day.»

Your path to Luigia

«When I look back I find that the journey I have made is incredible. Arrived in Luigia in 2012 as assistant barman, I then had the opportunity to become assistant pizza maker, later, pizza maker, pizza chef, up to restaurant manager. There are very few companies that offer such development opportunities for their staff and I am truly grateful for the ones I have been given.”

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